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Don’t Let your Dental Benefits go to Waste

Don’t Let your Dental Benefits go to Waste

Do you have dental insurance? We take pride in doing everything possible to help maximize your insurance in order to improve your dental health. 

As you may know, most insurance companies reset in the new year. Unused coverage cannot be carried over to the next year so it is important to book an appointment today to optimize your benefits.

If you have been putting off your dental health care now is the time.  Our staff can help you devise a dental health plan for the entire year and even plan ahead for 2021! Although treatment is never dictated by an insurance policy, our experience has shown that careful planning can often maximize benefits.

Our goal for each of our patients is to help them enjoy the benefits of good oral health, to look good, to feel good, have strong teeth and gums, and maintain a healthy and attractive smile throughout their life.

If you are not certain what benefits you are entitled to with your insurance, please call our office and we will be happy to discuss your dental benefits with you. 

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